How to get a good dog harness


Looking for a quality dog harness can be a draining task. However, luckily for us, the Internet is a resourceful place that has an answer to all of our problems. To find an excellent product that is well fitted for your desires and for the type of dog you own, you need to get educated on what makes a good product stand out.

To fit the criteria of a premium product, a harness needs to be well made. Longevity can only be ensured by sturdy stitches and by a material that can survive extended use, since you’re going to use it daily. And a premium product has to be resistant to chewing. Dogs are stubborn and strong, and a high-quality model has to survive all of their crazy moments.



Always look out for an item that speaks to your aesthetics and that is personalized. Look for patterns that are funny and quirky, and that will be a joy to use. Alternatively, go after the ones that fit the personality of your life companion. Or if you like to follow trends, give a chance to items that come from environmentally friendly sources.

And another way personalization is achieved, is by searching for products that don’t come in a standard size, but that can be adjusted to the weight and size of your dog. That’s a clever thing to do, especially if you have puppies. Buying an adjustable product means you won’t have to change it when your dog grows up, thus saving you money and the environment.

When looking for the ideal product for your dog, you also need to decide upon a style of harness that fits your pet the best. There are plenty of designs, that have been created to fit the neck diameter and the body type of all dog breeds.

One style is the Roman harness which is traditional and universal, the step-in type that has a figure 8 and is perfect for dogs with neck issues, and the no-pull harness that is mostly for disobedient pets. Just take a look at your dog and see what type of product will be the most comfortable for its built.

And if you want to be extra proactive, and if you want to make just one buy and not many separate ones, give a chance to products that come with accessories such as leashes or collars. This way you can make sure the styles of the products match, for a uniform look. You can even find custom-made models that can resemble your favorite outfit so you can match with your dog.

As a final thought, just make sure the model you’re buying fits comfortably around your dog’s neck and body, and that it’s not too tight or loose so the dog will escape. And always stay true to your style, as that is the only guarantee that you’re going to enjoy the product.

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