Harnesses vs. dog collars – Which one’s best?


This is a battle that most dog owners go through. It’s hard to know which one is ideal, especially if you are a dog owner for the very first time. It is not difficult to choose one or the other, but you need to keep in mind that all dogs are different, and so are their needs. This means every product you buy needs to match your pet and its uniqueness.

The harnesses are usually used with stubborn dogs, with the ones that hate being on a leash or restricted in any way. Collars are preferred if you have a dog that has a mild personality, and that is obedient at the same time. However, it doesn’t mean the reverse is not possible or recommended.



One of the main advantages a harness has over a collar is that you can control even the tiniest movement your pet makes. This aspect is vital in the early stages of your dog’s training, as it needs to be taught how to behave properly. If your dog is violent, you might want to choose this type of product rather than a collar, because it is better at stopping the companion from doing something bad.

On the other hand, collars give more room for your dog to behave as it wants to. It offers it freedom of movement that it will fully appreciate. A dog collar is suited for smaller dogs, or for the ones that are particularly lazy. These items are just a method of ensuring your dog won’t go on the busy road when you take it for a walk, or that it won’t run after scared cats. It is not necessarily a way of restraint.

A harness will also stop the dog from jumping. A collar could detach from the pet’s neck, even if it’s premium. But a harness is designed to connect multiple body parts at once, so the chances of that happening are null. It will only happen if you don’t secure the product well.

Collars are mostly used by owners to walk their furry friends. Manufacturers offer buyers a variety of styles, and they can be pretty chic and good-looking, mainly because they have a minimalist and elegant style. They can match any outfit, and they are highly customizable, which is a thing to take into consideration if you are a trendy person.

Most harnesses are at the other end of the spectrum because they are chunky pieces. Even if they come in a variety of shapes and colors, they are not subtle elements. Nevertheless, these are objects where function precedes style. However, if you are someone that knows his or her way around the Internet, you can find a model that suits your aesthetics.


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